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Sunday Nite SpotLITE - Attention Fellow Pats Fans

Revelation for all my fellow Pats fans out there:

If you haven’t watched the Dynasty Doc, I’ll give you my Apple ID, because it’s very telling about how things were and why they are the way they are today.

Was anybody else excited about Jerod Mayo? When the season ended, and Belichick walked away, I thought it was the best thing for this franchise. When Mayo had his press conference and said it was time to burn some cash, I thought the franchise was really turning the corner. But after watching the Dynasty Doc, I am the least confident that I have ever been in this team, and in this franchise.

Jerod a fantastic coach, and is likely deserving of the head coach position. But after watching the documentary, and hearing the way that handjob Bob talked about Belichick, I honestly believe that Mayo was given the position solely based on the fact that he would be a yes man.

I don’t think that Kraft appreciated the way that Belichick handled the media. As shown early on, Mayo came out and seem to force the groundwork for a better relationship with reporters. As stated, before, mayo also came out and said “we’re going to burn some cash“, but just like on Maury, the polygraph test proved that that was, in fact, a lie.

The Dynasty Doc is nothing but a hit piece on Bill Belichick and a way for Robert Kraft to try to cement his own legacy. And if you’re paying attention to the direction of this team, this off-season, it seems eerily similar to off-season of the past, even without Bill Belichick at the helm. The team had the second most available cap space, which even balloon to $100 million after the release of JC Jackson, and they refused to spend on any reputable free agents.

While part of me understands that this is a full rebuild, I also know that bringing in a rookie quarterback at number three, with a wide receiver room filled of WR3’s and a gaping hole at left tackle, is ultimately going to set the franchise up for failure. Handjob Bob does not want to spend any money to revamp this roster. I understand, not signing overblown contracts that will ultimately set us up for failure in the future, but not acquiring the basic necessities to allow a rookie quarterback to develop and be protected is beyond my comprehension.

Robert Kraft does not realize that this is not the patriots team that was featured on The Dynasty Doc. They are not attractive to free agents. Hell, even when you play Madden football, free agents, show what they desire, and how your team meets those desired requirements. We do not have a franchise quarterback. We do not have an elite coaching staff. We are not a lovely warm weather city, sitting on the beach. We are not a major metropolitan area with millions and millions of dollars to be made on endorsements.

Unfortunately, for now, this organization is going to pay a premium to get the right guys in the locker room. Like I said, before, I understand, not overpaying for guys that don’t fit the needs of the team. But as an organization that sits in the top five for highest ticket, prices, costing nearly $700 for a family of four to attend a home game, you need to at least show a concerted effort to put a good product on the field.

Robert Kraft is quickly turning into Jerry Jones. He wants someone that is going to stay the line, as proven by how he talked about Belichick during the documentary, calling him a pain in the butt and questioning almost every move he made at the end of his tenure as patriots coach, and general manager that’s why he hired Mayo. That’s why he promoted Wolf. In the end, it’s the fans that are hurt the most because we love our team. We all understand the concept of needing to rebuild, we all know that we were lucky to experience the greatest dynasty in NFL history, with the greatest quarterback, to ever play the game under center.

My message to the front office, which means absolutely nothing, because I’m just a fan, and a schmuck with a tiny website with a minimal following, is this: Atleast pretend that you want to win games. Show the fan base that you want to contend. As Patriots fans, most of us are also Red Sox fans. We see what John Henry has done to our beloved baseball franchise and we don’t want to see that happen to our football team. New England fans are smart people we know the game we understand the business. We know that there are plenty of teams that we will not be able to compete with this year. But just be honest. Instead of using terms like, “burn some cash “and “weapon the offense“, come out and tell the fans that you are taking a cautious approach. Tell the fans that the goal is to compete 3 to 4 years down the road. Tell us that the goal is to build through the draft and that signing expensive free agents is not going to happen. The fans aren’t going to be turned off. We love our team and know there will be down years. If you just want to pad your bank account, living off of the success of the past two decades, do the fan base of favor and sell the team. I, for one, do not want to be like a Dallas Cowboys fan, talking to my grandchildren about how fantastic the New England Patriots were when they haven’t been relevant in 30 years.

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