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Sunday Nite SpotLITE - Caleb Williams

The talk of the combine is centered around the potential top picks but the talk surrounding the top quarterback prospect, Caleb Williams, has been anything but the norm. Williams made headlines during the season for visibly sobbing on the sidelines after Southern Cal's loss to Washington. He also took a lot of heat for painting the words "F- Utah" on his nails prior to his PAC-12 game against the Utes, only to lose and be held without a touchdown pass. Even with the slander, he was never questioned as the top pick in the draft, until this past weekend.

Williams decided it was in his best interest to not test or perform for scouts in Indy, which is not unusual for someone guaranteed a top spot in the draft. He followed that up by skipping any medical examinations at the combine, which is believed to be the first time this has happened. Throw in the fact that he has no agent to help address these issues and a story being released that the reason he doesn't have an agent is due to him and his father attempting to find an agent to help them find a loophole in the CBA, and the shots to Williams' character are piling up fast. Williams told teams that he wanted to be drafted by a team that would offer him a piece of team ownership, which is not allowed under current league rules.

Williams, the 2022 Heisman winner, has all the talent to succeed in the NFL but these character issues have started to make people second guess his place at the top of the draft. Many wonder whether these are actual defects or if there is some underlying plan to make him drop in the draft to allow him to end up in a more favorable situation. The real question I want answered, is Caleb Williams a maniacal genius, or just a giant douchebag?

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